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11 Days Ago via Twitter

Arctic sea ice concentration for Septembers in the period 1979–2018. The visualisation was made by climate scientist professor Ed Hawkins @climatehawkins and is based on data from NSIDC, the US National Snow & Ice Data Center. More info at climate-lab-book.ac.uk

12 Days Ago via Twitter

‘I want better metaphors. I want better stories. I want more openness. I want better questions. All these things feel like they give us tools that are a little more commensurate with the amazing possibilities and the terrible realities that we face.’ – Rebecca Solnit https://t.co/60svpKq2At

13 Days Ago via Twitter

Motivating changes to our behaviour requires an expanded strategy. We need to communicate the fact of climate change to hearts as well as heads, to emotions as well as minds. #icewatchlondon

14 Days Ago via Twitter

As our global representatives travelled from afar to meet each other at COP24, happening now in Katowice, the glacial ice has travelled from afar to meet you now in London. What’s the nature of your meeting? #icewatchlondon #COP24

14 Days Ago via Twitter

' data-src='https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/olafureliasson.net/uploads/blog/2018/12/2018_12_11_JALsut_181211_IceWatch_opening_4187.jpg' src='/assets/blank.gif' title='

Ice Watch by Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing
Supported by Bloomberg
Installation: Bankside, outside Tate Modern, 2018
Photo: Justin Sutcliffe

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